A panorama of cinema and TV from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, with a program of films, series and documentaries.

Short films, Feature films, TV series.

Fiction, Animation, Documentary.

September 2024

Contact – John DiBartolo

Whatsapp: +5511 949738027

Exhibition of films, TV series and documentaries

Present an exhibition of new films, TV series and documentaries, and also the classic movies, from each country, to conquer audiences all over the world.

Production Meetings

Stimulate the exchange of experiences between countries, with a view to carrying out co-productions of film, TV series and documentaries projects, as well as business in the audiovisual entertainment sector.

Film Commissions

Stimulate the meeting of Film Commissions of the countries, to facilitate access to locations, staff, equipment, infrastructure, as well as access to government agencies

Restoration Lab

Promote meetings between professionals and companies in the film restoration sector, to encourage digitization and dissemination of audiovisual collections from the countries